By Caren Bright

50 Dates with the Lord

A Broken Woman’s Journey to Finding the Man Who Could Fix Her

Caren Bright’s first memory is of her mother attempting to drown her in the bathtub. She survived, but her mother’s addictions, suicide attempts, and divorces colored her childhood. These traumas began making their way into her adulthood too. She allowed men to use her and worked hard to make abusive relationships work. Until one day, God asked her on a date. Give me fifty dates with you, Caren, and I will mend you and lead you to the man who will heal your brokenness.

Assuming the fifty dates would lead her ultimately to the man of her dreams, Caren obliged. What she didn’t expect to find was increasing satisfaction and purpose as she and God spent more and more time together.

Fifty Dates with the Lord is, yes, just that. Romantic picnics, Valentine’s Day plans, and finding just the right outfit for a night with Jesus on the town. But far more profound, it is a beautiful illustration of what an intimate relationship with God can look like and an unlikely story of transformation as one woman fraught with insecurity and self-doubt discovers redemption, community, and surprising joy in God’s presence.


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50 Dates with the Lord