bright futures


Bright Futures provides consulting to churches, nonprofit organizations, and other ministries that help underprivileged families. As a consultant, Caren shares the breadth of her experience and knowledge, as well as the methods she used to build the hugely successful nonprofit Pamper Lake Highlands.

Bright Futures consulting can help you start a nonprofit from the ground up or, for your existing nonprofit, increase the effectiveness of the great work you are already doing. Because Caren lived in poverty most of her life, she has a unique understanding of the poverty mindset. Because she has used many nonprofit services herself over the years, she knows first-hand what truly works to empower families. Caren uses her expertise and experience to:

Customize Your  Programs

  • Tailor poverty intervention and dual generational programs to meet the needs of the people you want to serve

Train and Equip Your Team

  • Train your staff and volunteers so that they understand the mindset of people living in poverty and learn how to overcome the obstacles resulting from that mindset
  • Equip the staff and volunteers with important information to reach families where they are
  • Change the mindset of staff from “we’re helping you” to “we’re working alongside you to empower you and together improve our society as a whole”
  • Explain and provide access to the Bright Futures personal empowerment training curriculum, an 8-week course that teaches participants to take charge of their finances, manage time effectively, and improve their soft skills with the end goal of college or career placements. This curriculum has helped many Pamper Lake Highlands participants create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Improve Results

  • Teach you how to improve attendance and retention rate of your program to reach specific growth markers
  • Help you determine what data is important to collect for future funding
  • Convey the importance of showing appreciation to donors and share the process of doing so.
  • Maximize your effect by helping you create an optimal learning environment where the goal is to empower others, not simply give handouts