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Bright Futures

Bright Futures offers consulting, training, and mediation for churches, nonprofits, other ministries, businesses, and individuals. The Bright Futures curriculum and methods are based on Caren Bright’s personal journey to her own bright future.



Bright Futures provides consulting services to churches, nonprofit organizations, and other ministries that help underprivileged families. As a consultant, Caren shares the breadth of her experience and knowledge, as well as the methods she used to build the hugely successful nonprofit Pamper Lake Highlands.


Bright Futures offers training to churches and businesses. Both the faith-based program and the secular program help individuals access their fullest potential. The curriculum is designed to empower staff and improve productivity.


Bright Futures offers both secular and Christ-centered mediation services to people struggling with conflict, whether within their organizations or personally. Bright Futures’ certified mediators help disputing parties identify the cause of their conflict and reach a peaceful resolution. The mediator facilitates productive conversation and helps people work together to identify ways to move past their impasses.