bright futures


Bright Futures offers both secular and Christ-centered mediation services to people struggling with conflict, whether within their organizations or personally. Bright Futures’ certified mediators help disputing parties identify the cause of their conflict and reach a peaceful resolution. The mediator facilitates productive conversation and helps people work together to identify ways to move past their impasses.

What to Expect from Bright Futures Mediation

The Process is Collaborative

You work together to solve the problem(s) and find a solution that is best for you.

The Process is Voluntary

You choose every provision of any mediated agreement. Nothing is forced on you.

The Process is Confidential

The mediator does not share any information outside of the mediation process unless required to do so by law.

The Process is Impartial and Safe

The mediator assists each mediating party equally. The mediator does not prefer the interests of anyone in the mediation. The mediator also has no preference for a particular outcome to the mediation. The mediator ensures that agreements are reached voluntarily without pressure or threats.